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Why Digidence?

Why Digidence?

Digidence develops state-of-the-art software solutions for oncology practices to improve clinical trial accrual, patient outcomes and clinical workflow. Through collaborations across the United States, our products are expertly designed, scientifically tested, and fully utilized by clinicians and patients.



Nationally, only about 5% of cancer patients participate in clinical trials, with patients representing minorities participating even less. Even when eligible, nearly half of all patients decline participation when asked. The result? Slower accrual, abandonment of studies and less revenue from study sponsors.


To address this, we’ve created CareXplorer, a digital marketing campaign to activate patients into considering oncology clinical trial participation.  We provide CareXplorer to oncology providers sites as a turnkey solution.


CareXplorer helps patients learn about what clinical trials are, and just as importantly, what they are NOT by reading our e-mail newsletters and engaging in other content, such as videos and fun polls.



• Activates patients to ask their care team about participating in clinical trials

• Reduces the percentage of eligible patients who decline participation when asked

• Encourages patients to obtain genomic testing, critical for nearly all oncology trials.


CarePrompter is a nurse triage platform and patient engagement tool. CarePrompter has
improved healthcare outcomes for oncology patients across the United States. Built with patients and clinicians in mind, our product enables oncology departments and
practices to provide personalized care and reduce costs through increased efficiency.​ 

Patients download CarePrompter onto their smartphones, which enables them to:

  • Engage in self-care

  • Report symptoms

  • Fill out QoL and other validated instruments

  • Track their health over time

Patient data can be securely transmitted to nurses who access it via the myCare Dashboard integrated into the EHR.


Practices can customize CarePrompter in many ways, including:

  • Educational content

  • Question branching logic

  • Clinician-facing triage protocol and alerts

  • Any validated or custom instrument

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Home Nurse Examining Patient


Data analysis and machine learning

We have extensive experience in bioinformatics, including research using machine learning techniques. For example, we created a model to predict fatigue and sleeplessness in patients using a customized machine learning  algorithm superior to conventional methods. 

We are currently working with a large academic institution to leverage large language models to increase oncology clinical trial accrual.


Working with leading clinical collaborators, we are a group of passionate health information technology professionals who help oncology providers and trial sites improve outcomes for their patients and workflow for themselves.


Amine Raounak


Amine is a veteran of AOL, Capital One, United States Digital Services and other leading organizations.

Amine has played key roles in software development, security, architecture and integration. He is the author of two patents and

received his M.I.S. from Virginia

International University.


Howard Isenstein


Howard has extensive experience in quality improvement and health information technology through key roles at the Federation of American Hospitals, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Walgreens. Howard completed post-graduate work at Johns Hopkins University.


Brandon Govindarajoo

Chief Data Scientist

Brandon has extensive data science experience in life sciences and completed his Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from the University of Michigan.


Advisory Board


John Marshall, MD

John Marshall, MD, Physician Executive Director, Medstar Washington DC Integrated Hematology Oncology Division and the Chief Medical Officer, Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center. He is a global leader in the research and development of drugs for colon cancer and other GI cancers, including serving as principal investigator of over 150 clinical trials.


Daniel Gold

Daniel Gold has pioneered, grown and led businesses from start-ups to mature entities in the healthcare services, pharmaceutical, and technology sectors. Currently he serves as President and Chief Operating Officer of LifeMatters, a national provider of home care services for the elderly.


Marc Overhage, MD

Dr. J. Marc Overhage is Chief Health Informatics Officer for Elevance Health, a national health insurance and data organization. Previously, he served as ,Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Cerner. Dr. Overhage has more than 25 years of experience in health information technology.


Awards & Collaborators


National Cancer Institute

NCI provided investment funds to help us develop CareXplorer.


University of

We engaged in joint research with the University of Michigan to create and enhance a variety of machine learning algorithms to predict fatigue and sleeplessness in patients using wearable sensors. 



National Science Foundation

Digidence is the proud recipient of National Science Foundation grants, which partially supported the development and validation of CarePrompter.


Astellas C3 Prize Finalist

Digidence's CarePrompter tool was a finalist at Astellas's C3 Prize Competition in Mexico City.



We’re growing! Please check out our current openings. If you don’t see something you like, please check us out later. To apply, please email with the position you’re interested in within the subject of your email and send your resume to us at


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